iXBRL: Tagging the Detailed Profit and Loss

Jul 24, 2017

Revenue are currently examining options for the provision of a Detailed Profit and Loss (DPL) taxonomy for use with the Irish taxonomies for FRS 101, FRS 102 and EU IFRS. In the meantime, Revenue have confirmed to us that they will accept DPL information, for which there is no appropriate tag available, where the information is tagged using certain typed dimension tags. 

If you were previously using the IE GAAP taxonomy, in the absence of a specific tag, you may have used tuple tags (group tags) when tagging the DPL. The taxonomies for reporting under FRS101, FRS102 and EU IFRS do not contain such group tags; rather the advice from Revenue is that typed dimension tags or “further” tags should be used as follows:

  • Further item of operating income/gain [income statement item, component of operating profit (loss)];
  • Further item of operating expense/loss [income statement item, component of operating profit (loss)]; and
  • Further item of non-operating gain (loss) before tax [income statement item, component of profit or loss before tax].

We will keep you informed of any updates on a specific DPL taxonomy.  Further information on iXBRL filing and tagging accounts is available on our iXBRL webcentre.