Upcoming deadlines

Oct 05, 2020

Taxpayers and their accountants may have additional workloads and deadlines to meet in relation to COVID-19 supports. We have set out a table of upcoming deadlines. These deadlines are in addition to other normal compliance deadlines, as may apply to an individual taxpayer, depending on their circumstances.

 Original deadline Extended Revised deadline
PPA reduced interest rate 30-Sep Yes31-Oct
Income tax deadlines for those who can't pay 31-Oct No  
CRO deadline 18-Mar - 30-JuneYes31-Oct
TWSS reconciliation 31-Oct No  
Income tax - extended Pay & File 12-Nov Yes10-Dec
Capital Acquisitions tax - extended Pay & File 12-Nov Yes10-Dec
Capital gains tax - payment 15-Dec No  


Details on additional deadline dates are available in the Revenue Calendar of key dates