Automating Analysis with Advanced Features of Excel


This course is intended for experienced Excel users seeking to advance their skills and find short-cuts and tips to get more from Excel. It will introduce participants to Excel's automated techniques in both forecasting and historical analysis.

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Virtual Classroom, , Online
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08 October 2020 09:30
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08 October 2020 16:30
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Professional Training


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CPD course
Technology and data


This course will be delivered via Zoom.

Who should attend

This course is for accountants, and other business professionals, with existing advanced Excel skills. It is not appropriate for anyone new to Excel, or who is not using Excel regularly, at a level comparable to the Institute's Intermediate or Advanced Excel courses.

Course overview

  • Macros - useful macros will be presented especially covering more tedious areas such as printing, graphing, filling etc.
  • Functions - A number of powerful Excel functions useful for analytical purposes will be introduced such as SUMPRODUCT, D functions, financial functions and information functions (CELL, ISERROR, TRIM etc.)
  • Time based functions
  • Toolbars and Custom toolbars
  • Graphs
  • Forecasting model
  • Data Consolidation techniques
  • Pivot Tables - Practical examples
  • Range names - advanced uses

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilise Excel skills to maximise output versus time input
  • Demonstrate the power of Excel without recourse to programming in VBA i.e. using the present tools in Excel

All participants should please note the following

  • Test session. We run a test session prior to the training so that any technical or other issues can be identified and resolved in advance. It is strongly recommended that all participants attend the test session. Generally the test session will be at 16.30 on the day prior to the course and will take about 10 minutes. Login details will be sent prior to this.
  • Two monitors. Having two monitors is very strongly recommended for this training. It allows you to view the trainers PC in one monitor and the application that is the subject of the training in the other. On a single screen it can be difficult to arrange the trainers screen and your own application comfortably. If you only have a single screen please inform the trainer - ideally before the test session - and they can help you to get the best from the training session.
  • Microsoft Office version. We use Microsoft Office 365 Professional. If you are using an older version please be aware that you might not be able to do some of the exercises that are using the latest features.
  • Windows 10. We prepare the files and deliver the course using Windows 10. If you are using a MacBook or other platform please be aware that there can sometimes be incompatibilities and there are certain features that are not available on the Macintosh edition of Microsoft Office 365 Professional. These issues can be identified and resolved during the test session.

Speaker bio

Professional Training is a group of experienced specialists providing focused training in IT and Management skills. Our trainers use a combination of tailored, flexible approaches and real-life business knowledge to develop and provide techniques and solutions for immediate implementation by our course participants. We have delivered a range of CPD programmes with Chartered Accountants Ireland since 1997. Website: