Dublin Metropolitan District Court - Licence Renewals: Reminder to Members

Nov 16, 2017

We notified members on a number of occasions in August/September of the problems associated with the prescribed format of reports required by the Dublin Metropolitan District Court from auditors/accountants of licensees applying for a renewal.  It has come to our attention in recent days that reports from some firms prepared in a consistent fashion with the alternative report format we suggested are now being rejected by the Court. 

We would strongly re-iterate our advice to members against signing reports confirming “up to date compliance with all filling and tax requirements pursuant to the Companies Act 2014”.  We recommend that members inform their clients of their Accountancy Body’s advice, explain the reasons for not signing such ‘certificates’ and encourage them to advise their legal advisors to challenge the Court’s decision to reject the application.  Again, we note that alternative evidence with regard to tax matters can be provided to the Court by the client in the form of a tax clearance status from the Revenue’s ROS system with the licensee’s application for renewal.

Chartered Accountants Ireland considers this to be a serious matter as the Court is requiring auditors/ accountants to sign ‘certificates’ offering a degree of certainty that they are not in a position to provide and will again engage with the Court and the Licensing Office on this. 

To review the original advice and to access the suggested alternative report format, please see the Institute’s news item from 24 August.