Technical enquiry service

Chartered Accountants Ireland offers a free Technical Enquiry Service to all members on accounting and auditing issues. Common queries include the treatment of an unusual item in financial statements, aspects of company law and qualifications in audit reports. Responses to queries are supported by reference to the necessary legislation and standards but in any judgemental cases, they are the personal opinion of the consultant concerned.  He or she will suggest options or give examples to help the member but only the member will have all the information necessary to arrive at a suitable conclusion. 

Members are encouraged to carry out their own research before contacting the Technical Enquiry Service and can be facilitated in doing so by using CHARIOT which is available online on this site.

E-mail your query with your membership number to the Technical Enquiry Service.


Your enquiry will be treated in strict confidence. If the nature of your enquiry is ethical the advisor will be exempt from the duty to report misconduct, hence details will not be divulged to third parties, including other departments of Chartered Accountants Ireland, unless you request or consent to this.

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To search the site simply fill in your search query in the top right hand corner of this page. CHARIOT results are incorporated into the search results of the rest of the site.

Technical enquiry form

The Technical Enquiry form is available to members only.

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