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Secure a support network like no other

At Chartered Accountants Ireland you will experience a really supportive environment. Our training takes place on site and all of our courses are run directly by us.  The Institute provides a smart, bright and professional space to concentrate on your studies and interact with fellow students, creating valuable study hubs together.

  • All of your textbooks and materials, including the online Learning Journal – an essential guide that helps you map your progress.
  • There will be regular questions/assignments and quizzes to make sure students have viewed and engaged with the online material.
  • Online lectures are available for students to watch on demand.
  • Online forums will be available to allow for peer engagement and lecture support.
  • We will schedule ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions (AMA) so that students can log into a chatroom forum and ask the lecturer a series of questions. These will be scheduled and students will be notified in advance.
  • We also run CA Diary sessions as online sessions. You can ask questions about recording your experience in the diary .
  • Academic support is available from the Education team.
  • Every student will have the opportunity to ask that any aspect of the online content be clarified. The lecturer will then do their best to put this into the contact session.
  • The mock exams provide students with a valuable opportunity to practice and prepare for the final examinations. For the majority of students, these exams are self-directed, unless you are training with a firm who has chosen to organise an in-house formal sitting.

Fact from Chartered Accountants


Average salary package for newly qualified accountant in all sectors
*Leinster society salary survey 2019

No.1 in Ireland

Qualification respected and recognised by employers and recruiters

87% pass rate 

Pass rate for FAE in 2019, well above average of other accountancy bodies
*Annual Report 2019

Student Societies

Introducing CASSI - The Chartered Accountants Student Society of Ireland.

  • CASSI is an umbrella organisation that works to provide a link between all the local Chartered Accountant Societies in Ireland and the institute. 
  • CASSI provide a strong voice for students in in the profession.
  • Through this network students can take part in post-exam reviews and liaise with the education teams on matters such as programme quality and training.
  • CASSI operates regional societies in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Sligo, the Midlands, the South East and Ulster.
  • Students are encouraged to join the student society that operates in their area.
  • The societies run a programme of social events such as charity balls, casino evenings, table quizzes, sporting competitions, guest speaker evenings and career focused events.
  • The CASSI flagship events are the annual weekend away and annual conference, which are hosted in October/November each year.

Accountancy Ireland Extra newsletter

Accountancy Ireland Extra is the newsletter and online magazine for students the publication features social and technical updates, interviews with students and recently qualified ACAs, exam tips from the experts and examiners, and a wealth of professional and personal development advice.

Recent blog posts 

Am I able to start?

If you like the sound of a well-rewarded, challenging career in business with an internationally recognised, premium qualification, your next question may be: am I able to start? This is one of the most common questions we’re asked, so here are some details.

Q: Who is able to start?

A: People are often surprised to learn that all graduates are eligible to start studying with Chartered Accountants Ireland, not just those with a degree with an accounting slant. All graduates, post-graduates, Accounting Technicians, and members of other accountancy bodies can start on the path to become a Chartered Accountant. The only difference between people who have an accountancy degree and those from other academic backgrounds is the number of exams you’ll be asked to sit. In this regard, the approach of Chartered Accountants Ireland is no different to other professional accountancy bodies.

Graduates and members of bodies from outside Ireland are also welcome to join the programme – once you fulfil the entry requirements. You must be based on the island of Ireland for the duration of the programme.

Q: I’ve never studied accountancy before – ever!

A:  That’s ok, you don’t need any previous accountancy knowledge as we’ll start from the beginning with the basics. Each year a significant number of new students join us from a wide range of disciplines (arts, science, IT, law, engineering etc.) and consistently do very well in exams.

From our experience, employers are always keen to interview such candidates as they bring diverse skills and knowledge to their training firms and studies. The starting point for non-business grads is CAP1 (Chartered Accountants Proficiency 1 – first year exams) which provides the essential building blocks for more advanced study levels.

Q: How do students from non-accounting backgrounds tend to do in Chartered exams?

A: The results of our CAP1 exams show that trainees from non-accounting backgrounds can achieve very successful results. Over the years students have come from non-accounting degrees including engineering, arts and science. So don’t let your degree subject hold you back!

Q: How can I find out if my course is recognised?

A: All holders of degrees from recognised institutions are eligible for entry onto the CAP1 programme. To see if your course is accredited, have a look at the list of degrees here.

Q: What is the deadline for checking if I’m able to start?

A: It’s in your best interest to clear the applications process early and we’re advising that people check their status as soon as possible. This year places will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis and places are genuinely limited for this year’s Chartered intake. Courses start early October in study centres around the island or via a distance learning option.

The final date for applying to Chartered Accountants Ireland is 1 September. If you are awaiting exam results or have another reason why your application will take place after this date, please contact us and we will assist you.

Q: What about checking if I can claim exemptions from some Chartered exams?

A: It’s easy to check exemptions with Chartered Accountants Ireland and what’s more, you’re not committing to anything at this stage. No payment is required as it’s a completely free service. You can apply for exemptions online and free of charge.

A minimum of a 2.ii honours degree is required to claim exemptions. All exemptions granted from CAP1 are offered on the understanding that the students awarded them have taken the relevant options in their degree programme and have, at a minimum, met the requirements as set out on the website. Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) students can also claim exemptions.

Degrees awarded over 10 years ago will not qualify for exemptions.

Q: Where do I get proof of my college degree?

A: Contact the records office of your college/university, or Accounting Technicians Ireland directly. We’ll need written and original proof in the post, not a scan or photocopy. Your college should be able to issue this confirmation within a couple of weeks. Then you just need to send this in the post with a completed enrolment form. More information on where to get your college transcripts is available here.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply create an account on our website, and you’ll get access to the applications portal.

Please get in touch by email if you have any questions.

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