PAYE Modernisation: Revenue letters issuing now

Apr 30, 2018

Employers and tax agents should receive letters from Revenue in the post this week.  The letters are about PAYE Modernisation and employers’ obligations.  There are three main categories of letters issuing to employers which include information tailored to employers’ circumstances.

Employers will receive letters in one of the following categories, a copy of the letters issuing from Revenue is available by clicking on one of the below categories:

  1. Employers with payroll software
  2. Employers with >=20 employees and no software
  3. Employers with <20 employees and no software

The letters are further tailored based on the address of the employer and Revenue District Manger names are also tailored according to the employer’s Tax District.

If you are an agent that has one or more active employer registration you will receive a letter telling you about PAYE Modernisation.  As agents, you will not receive a copy of the letter that goes to your employer client.  A copy of the agent letter is available here

Revenue are also writing to employers which according to their records do not currently have any employees and who have not made PAYE/PRSI/USC payments as an employer for the last two years. A copy of the letter issuing to such employers is available here.  

We will report on any developments in our weekly Chartered Accountants Tax eNews.  You can also information from Revenue on the PAYE Modernisation Project on the Revenue website