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A lively discussion on the private pension crisis in Ireland took place in Chartered Accountants House in Dublin last Tuesday evening (6 November 2018) where the audience heard about the important role accountants will play in helping making auto-enrolment a success in Ireland.  Speakers on the night were Gillian Ryan, Standard Life, Charlie Weston, the Irish Independent, Gary Briggs, Vintage Corporate and Cróna Clohisey, Chartered Accountants Ireland.   The event was chaired by Dr Brian Keegan, Director of Public Policy & Taxation at the Institute and there were lots of take-aways from a well debated Q&A session, including – If implemented, auto-enrolment should not be administratively burdensome or complex for employers Certainty is needed on Government plans for the State pension There should be early education on the need for saving for retirement To promote pension coverage, should the word “savings” be used? These considerations and many others will feature in future Institute research and publications.  Thank you to all the members who supported this event, which featured in the Irish Independent. 

Nov 08, 2018

In our response to the consultation on the process for an automatic enrolment retirement savings system for Ireland, Chartered Accountants Ireland has called for any new system to: Be efficient, transparent and cost-effective for all stakeholders. Deliver on its core objective of boosting pension coverage without introducing needless complexity for employers and employees Not erode current tax incentives or replace the State pension Not create an undue financial or administrative burden for employers.

Nov 05, 2018

Are we in a pension crisis? What is auto-enrolment and will it hinder or help? Why don’t young people invest in their futures with pension products and how might Brexit affect those with pension investments in the UK? Liz Riley welcomes Crona Clohisey, Manager in Tax and Public Policy at Chartered Accountants Ireland, Munro O’Dwyer, Partner at PwC, and Gillian Ryan, Strategic Business Manager at Standard Life into the studio. Listen here

Nov 02, 2018

Pensions in Ireland - A responsible way forward

A significant majority of Chartered Accountants are worried about Ireland's pension deficit and favour pension auto-enrolment to guard against poverty in retirement.

In its research report, Chartered Accountants Ireland examines the challenge of an ageing population in Ireland, the reasons that some private sector workers do not provide for their pensions and also looks at a number of different pension funding models used in other countries.

Chartered Accountants Ireland has over 26,000 members working in every sector on the island of Ireland, and is uniquely placed to identify the challenges that the pension deficit will bring.

Read our report on the PDF below.

CTA - Pensions in Ireland-min
NEWS BODY - Pensions in Ireland A responsible way forward-min

Seminar : Pensions under the spotlight
Chartered Accountants Ireland’s members engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the private pension crisis in Ireland at a seminar with Institute President Shauna Greely held in Dublin last Tuesday evening (6 March 2018). 

The event also saw the formal launch of the Institute’s report Pensions in Ireland: A responsible way forward which advocates auto-enrolment. View photos from the event >>>