Five things you need to know about tax, 1 December 2017

Nov 30, 2017

Highlights this week include an extension to the Country by Country reporting deadline, Finance Bill 2017 is passed by the Dáil, the UK’s Autumn Budget coverage, and Trinidad and Tobago join the BEPs framework.


  1. If you missed the Revenue’s recent information sessions on the Jobs and Pensions Service, we have a copy of the presentation material available for you on our website
  2. Finance Bill 2017 was passed by the Dáil last week and now moves to the Seanad.   Read more about the proposed Report Stage amendment relating to section 135 TCA 1997 and the tax treatment of certain share disposals involving two companies
  3. The Revenue electronic system is not ready to accept the first Country by Country (CbC) Reports which are due to be filed by relevant taxpayers on or before 31 December 2017.  Therefore the deadline for filing such reports is extended to 28 February 2018



  4. Read our coverage of last week’s Autumn Budget



  5. Trinidad and Tobago recently joined the Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (IF on BEPS).  The total number of countries and jurisdictions participating in the Project is now 108