Learning Journals

What is a learning journal?

A learning journal is a collection of documents created by Chartered Accountants Ireland to help students (that are studying in CAP1, CAP2 or FAE) to understand what requirements and preparation is expected.

The learning journals for CAP1 and CAP2 contain a breakdown of sessions per subject, a copy of the competency statement and their related PEC reports; while the learning journal for FAE contains the session breakdown for core and elective, a copy of the competency statement and the FAE Board reports.

The purpose of the learning journal:

  • To provide you with clear guidance on required preparation for each session
  • To outline the required followup for each session
  • To help you monitor your progress
  • To support you in planning your study
  • To help you plan your revision
  • To chart the progress of your studies for your firm/mentor

Download your learning journal

You can find this years learning journals on the essential documents page under current students

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