Fees & payment options


We’ve benchmarked our fees and are confident that they represent excellent value in comparison to other professional accountancy qualifications available in Ireland.

You only pay for the subjects you take – so if you’re exempt from an exam, you don’t pay for it.

The fees you see below will cover everything – the full course, first exam attempt, and all books, course notes, and other study materials. We won’t charge you a registration fee, nor do we charge you to be a student – unlike other accountancy bodies, there’s no student subscription fee.

CAP1 All Five Subjects 2,100 1,450
(CAP1 per Subject) (420) (290)
CAP2 All Four Subjects 3,180 2,160
(CAP2 per Module: 2 subjects) (1,590) (1,080)
FAE 4,350 2,955

Payment options

Fees are payable either upfront for the year, or using our instalment option for flexible students. Under the instalment option you can pay your course fees in three interest-free instalments.  You only have to pay for what you are doing each year, so if you are only taking two subjects, you only have to pay for two subjects. 

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If you have a query, please refer to our support & services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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