GDPR for Insolvency Practitioners Recorded


GDPR is turning out to be a significant issue for Practitioners in general. However, the issue is even more significant for Insolvency Practitioners with very specific issues arising. 

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01 January 2017 00:00
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01 January 2020 00:00
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Jim Stafford
Mark Woodcock
Nicola Sothern


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CPD online course
Insolvency and corporate recovery

This course is a recording of a webinar which took place in late 2018

The legislation requires agreements to be in place to cover data processing. 

Course overview 

Guidance will be given as whether it will be necessary for insolvency practitioners to incorporate “GDPR type notices” into the “standard” questionnaires that they might use for employees’ claims, and obtaining information from creditors and directors.

Guidance will be given  as to whether/how liquidators and receivers should comply with data subject act requests in respect of periods:

Before their appointment
After their appointment

  • Guidance will be given as to whether Insolvency Practitioners should have Data Processing agreements with their solicitors when instructing them on certain legal cases.
  • Dealing with mandatory reporting of data breaches
  • How to deal with GDPR when selling company assets such as IT equipment and databases
  • Classification of the Insolvency Practitioner  as a joint Controller or Processor

    The course material will provide some generic template documents that Insolvency Practitioners may modify, with the assistance of their own solicitors, to suit their own requirements.


Jim Stafford, Friel Stafford

Mark Woodcock and Nicola Sothern, McDowell Purcell