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When a new Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) is getting started, there are a few points to consider. RTOs cover both training in practice and training in industry. There is no fee applicable to become an RTO with the Institute. 

Why become a RTO?

RTOs with training vacancies can advertise free of charge on our website. To find out more visit our Recruitment Services.

If you are an existing Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) or are interested in having your firm or company authorised to train Chartered Accountants under a Training Contract, we have a lot of information available (see link below), including the necessary applications to train.

If you are interested in having your company accredited as a "Chartered Flexible Route Partner", please email Robert Crosbie.

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Requirements to become a RTO

We require that a member of the Institute (ACA or FCA) acts as the Training Partner. The role of Training Partner takes overall responsibility for overseeing the relevant experience gained within the duration of a Training Contract and compliance to the Institute's Training Regulations. The day-to-day management can be overseen by a Mentor.

Experience has to be sufficient in depth and range to give trainees skills in Financial Reporting, Professional Values, Business Environment and one area from Finance, Tax, Audit or IT.

An outline of the training policy on study leave, and payment of student fees should be available to Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Student quota

A student quota is calculated using the number of qualified accountants within the company. For further information contact Hugh Carroll, Training Support Unit.

Nominate a mentor

The Training Partner can decide to nominate a mentor in the business to review and sign off (lock) the training experience in the CA Diary on a 6-monthly basis. Any member of IFAC and this includes all ACCA, CPA, CIMA as well as ACA and FCAs can take on the role of Menor. 

Audit experience

It is not a requirement to give a trainee audit experience, audit is one of four areas from which the trainee needs at least one area of experience in depth to qualify.

Amount of experience to give trainees in different areas

RTOs do not need to give set amount of days experience to trainees as the trainees use a competency based model. They have a list of competencies that they need to evidence, showing depth and progression over their training contract.

RTO responsibility

RTOs should ensure that the trainees CA Diary is reviewed twice a year, with the mentor submitting a six monthly review.

Study leave

The training package document found outlines best practice for practice. RTOs training through Industry are required to outline their study leave package at the time of the authorisation visit.

Hire students

Once you become a RTO, you can log vacancies within your firm that are open to students.

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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