Problems with ROS

Nov 13, 2017

It has been brought to our attention that members are experiencing problems when attempting to file tax returns and make payments on ROS ahead of the income tax and capital acquisitions tax (CAT) deadline.  Members in various parts of the country describe a very slow ROS system which “keeps dumping you out when you do get logged in”.  We have raised this issue with Revenue and asked for assurance that these problems will not arise during this critical week for filings ahead of the extended 16 November deadline.

Revenue acknowledges that the ROS system was restarted last Thursday in response to problems arising for filers.  There have also been numerous planned down times to the ROS system over the past month.  Chartered Accountants Ireland and its members view such disruptions as unacceptable at this busy time of the tax year.  A reliable ROS system is crucial given the policy of Revenue to move to a fully computerised tax system for self-assessed taxpayers, PAYE workers and iXBRL filers. We have contacted Revenue management  on this matter.