Stormy weather extends Pay and File deadline

Oct 31, 2017

Members contacted us to highlight the fact that they are not able to file 2016 Form 11 income tax returns via the Revenue Online Service (ROS) due to loss of electricity to their businesses in recent weeks.  In recognition of this, Revenue has extended the online ROS pay and file deadline to Thursday 16 November. 

The deadline is extended by two days from 14 November to 16 November for both the 2016 Form 11 income tax return and the IT38 capital acquisitions tax return in respect of valuations dates in the year ended 31 August 2017.  This means that where both the tax return and relevant tax payments are made online via ROS, the deadline is 16 November. 

The statutory paper filing deadline of today, 31 October has not changed. 

The ROS and Payment Support helpdesks will be open until 8pm on the nights leading up to the new deadline, and will remain open until midnight on 16 November.

Confirmation of the extension is in Revenue eBrief No. 93/17, and also the Revenue press statement

We hope that this extension to the pay and file deadline will help alleviate the concern of members’ and we also acknowledge that the extension may not be satisfactory for everyone. 

You are reminded that Revenue is able to deal with exceptional and extenuating issues arising from practitioners in meeting the filing deadline, which generally have related to serious ill health issues or similar.  In such circumstances in may be worthwhile to contact your local Revenue District.