What are your New Year's resolutions?

Jan 08, 2018
The new year is a perfect time to set up professional goals that will keep you motivated and driven in the office. We asked Chartered Accountants Ireland students to share their professional resolutions for 2018.

Kathleen Hanway, Risk Assurance Services, PwC

Given all the opportunities available, there’s a lot I want to do next year.

Try new things at work 

Next year I hope to start the Competent Communicator course with PwC Toastmasters. I’m also doing our Junior Achievement course, where I’ll gain experience teaching. 

Performance goals

Use my performance feedback to develop my skills and show consistent improvement and drive my career forward. 

Set up a study plan and stick to it 

Being a bit too ambitious initially, my study plan stretched my time too thin. I’m going into 2018 with a study plan that is realistic and time-efficient. 

Triona Casey, Audit, EY

There is a lot to look forward to in 2018, but these are a few of my resolutions:

Aim to learn something new everyday

One of my professional resolutions for 2018 is to make an effort to learn something new every day – it can be small, like a new excel shortcut, or finding a new approach to something in work, anything that requires a bit of practice to incorporate daily!

Build my professional network

In this profession, it’s important to network. Having a solid and diverse network will always make the challenges you face easier. One of my goals for the coming year is to attend more networking events and to participate more in professional collaborations.

Do one thing a day that benefits your soul

As busy season approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in deadlines and meetings, and it tends to get a little overwhelming! This year, I will aim to do an activity a day for myself. This could be anything from a moment to meditate, time to go for a run, or an evening yoga class – something that isn’t necessarily work related, but something to refresh the mind and prepare me for another productive day.

Alan Coyne, Financial Services and Audit, Deloitte

Stay fresh

My main area of focus for 2018 is to stay fresh in the workplace. I find I am at my best when fully refreshed and ready for the variety of tasks given to me as a trainee in the financial services department. 

Unplug when needed

Knowing when to unplug is vital in order get the most effective outputs from your daily workload. Juggling your time can be a task in itself, however my aim this coming year is to continue having a healthy work-life balance. 

Get involved

I also hope to get involved in CSR activities, such as working with the Early Learning Initiative.I found this was a beneficial way to unplug during last year’s busy season.

Orla Phelan, Audit, KPMG

The transition from fine art graduate to accounting trainee was a daunting one. Three years on with the FAEs behind me, my three main goals to implement in 2018 are:

Go for a higher standard

Always. Aim to learn something new each day to increase skills, efficiency, or understanding. This is not to say that nothing is ever good enough, rather that the performance of any task increases experience and with every re-performance there should be an improvement.

Take a step back

Aim to look at the overall objective of the job rather than isolating each specific task. Understanding the main goal can prevent getting caught up in the trivial details and save on time as a result. The time saved links in with goal number three.

Keep up the hobby

Continue to do something entirely separate to work. This is key. Switching off completely in one area of life can bring clarity for when you switch on again (along with restoring your sanity!).