“We need to change the narrative with Europe”

Oct 09, 2017

The decision by the EU Commission to refer Ireland to the EU Court of Justice for delays in collecting the €13bn under dispute in the Apple State Aid case must prompt renewed debate on the role of the EU institutions in a Member State’s legal and administrative decisions. Read the full statement and see the International section for further details on this story.  Brian Keegan, Director of Public Policy and Taxation’s comments were reported in the Irish Examiner.

Given the international pressures on Ireland’s tax offering, it’s important that members fully understand our domestic corporate tax reliefs and incentives particularly in the areas of R&D, Knowledge Development Box (KDB) Country by Country Reporting (CbCR).  Chartered Accountants Ireland will host a special CPD event next Monday afternoon led by a panel of experts with extensive knowledge of R&D, KDB and CbCR obligations.  Book now to secure your place for this essential update.