Distance study

The course is delivered online covering six modules over six release dates. Participants will have two weeks to cover each module material before the next topic is released. The materials include access to pre-recorded online tutorial videos, PowerPoint slides and course notes which will focus on the critical areas of the programme. All course material will be available to download from our online Learning Management System Moodle.

Online material release dates:

  • Module 1 - 9 September
  • Module 2 - 30 September
  • Module 3 - 21 October
  • Module 4 - 11 November
  • Module 5 - 9 December
  • Module 6 - 13 January  

Our distance study programmes offer you flexibility and access to our industry-leading qualifications no matter where you are located. Distance study can seem daunting if you feel you will be working in isolation. Recognising this, we’ve put in place supports to help you.

  • Distance study participants are supported by Moodle: our learning management system (LMS): a dynamic online tool that supports flexible learning;
  • Enjoy 24 hour a day access to our recorded video lectures which guide you through the course step by step;
  • Each lecture is accompanied on Moodle by downloadable slides and back up materials, meaning you can study at your own pace;
  • Moodle is also where you will receive and submit your assignments and where you can communicate with your fellow participants on dedicated online forums and facilitating powerful peer to peer learning and moral support;
  • You can email questions to your tutors via your programme coordinator or assessment coordinator;
*Recorded lectures are deemed as a supplementary learning resource and not a primary resource in order to complete a programme. All efforts are made to upload recorded material to Moodle, where this is not possible due to technical errors or where there are time delays incurred, this is not deemed as prohibitive to completing an assessment.