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Interview do’s and don’t’s

This webinar will walk you through the common pitfalls in interviewing and detail how to maximise your effectiveness throughout the whole interview process and stages ensuring 'route to offer' and interview success.

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Interviews – making an impact

From your flexibility to interview schedules to promptness of calls and emails, the 'interview' starts here! Discover the ways to improve your success at interview as well as the many actions and characteristics that might just be letting you down and find out how to work around them.

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A careers SWOT analysis

Before you take the next step, whether that's within or outside of your current organisation, give yourself the best start by conducting a SWOT analysis on your experience to date.

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Competency based interviews

All interviews will now have a competency based element to them, so to ensure success at interview you will need to be able to master competency interview based questions. We will provide you with a template that you can use to successfully structure your answers and this will enable you to present and articulate your skills and experience in the best way possible. This approach will help you to maximise your chances of interview success.

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Top career planning tips

Career planning is essential to career success and fulfilment. In this webinar we will guide you on the journey to creating a career plan that suits your career ambitions and that helps you to map out the next steps in your career. We will also introduce you to the Career Pathway Framework which will support you as you identify the skills and competencies you will require. This webinar promises to be informative and practical and will provide you with tools and frameworks that you can use.

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Advancing your career with a mentor

A mentor is someone whose hindsight can be your foresight. In this webinar we explain the concept of a mentor, the benefits of having a mentor, what to look for in a mentor and also how you can avail of the Career Mentor Programme offered by Chartered Accountants Ireland. We also advise you in relation to how to manage and gain the most from a mentor relationship. At the end of the webinar you will not only be able to source a mentor you will also know how best to leverage this key career development resource.

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Brexit Breakfast Briefing 

With 29 March 2019 fast approaching and the prospect of a no-deal Brexit still looming, award-winning journalist, author, and broadcaster Ian Kehoe will explore the impact that Brexit will have on industry in Ireland and how best Ireland can respond to the challenge. (1 CPD hour).

brexit briefing

Your personal brand

Personal branding is key to career success. In this practical and insightful webinar you will hear how to create, manage and promote your personal brand as part of a successful career management strategy. You receive practical tips and examples of how you can best use your personal brand to differentiate your skills and profile.

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2019 Technology Conference, The Accounting Evolution – Where To From Here? (3 CPD hours)

This year's conference looks at advancements that have occurred within the accounting world to bring us to where we are today. With constantly-emerging technologies, what's the next step for firms and businesses to ensure that they remain relevant? On a personal level, we take a look at steps that you can take to update your own skills in this ever-changing business environment.

Michael Tinney

Michael Tinney, ACA – Finance Manager FBD Insurance

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Brenton Ward, Mount Street Trustees

Five major challenges we face in building a thriving business

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Sandeep Shrestha, Director of Sales, Confirmation

How Technology is Reshaping the Audit Practice

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Rob MacTighearnain, Finance Director Europe, EML Payments

APIs and the cloud – how do I benefit today?

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Karin Lanigan, Manager – Career and CPD Development, Chartered Accountants Ireland

Skills for Success now and into the future

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Eoghan Nolan, MSc. Lecturer, Trinity Business School

Top Five Digital Hot Topics

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2018 videos

Leadership trends in 2018

Work behaviourist, coach and tutor on the Chartered Accountants Ireland Certificate in Leadership Essentials, Fiona Buckley recently delivered a live webinar on ‘the tops trends in leading organisations’.

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What to do during your first 100 days as a manager

Sean McLoughney on this complimentary webinar "New to managing a team – my first 100 days". This webinar will help accountants who are new to managing people to put a plan in place to manage their new team.

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Technology and the Future of Audit

This presentation surrounds the changing nature of the audits and impact that technology will have on this sector of the accountancy profession

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