Revenue Jobs and Pensions Service

Nov 27, 2017

If you missed the Revenue’s recent information sessions on the Jobs and Pensions Service, we have a copy of the presentation material available for you.  The information sessions coincided with release of agents’ access to the service over the weekend. 

The material from Revenue covers:

  • how agents can access the Jobs and Pensions Service which was made available on 25 November
  • how to navigate the Jobs and Pensions Service with screen shots from the service
  • how to register a new employment or pension for a client either with a PAYE registration or without a PAYE registration
  • how to amend PAYE bank details on ROS

The presentation material is available on our website

Revenue has updated its Tax and Duty Manual Part 42-04-64 to include information on agent access to the Jobs and Pensions service.