Name change for CARB to Professional Standards

From 1 January 2017, the department responsible for regulation and discipline will change its name from CARB to 'Professional Standards'.

The recent revisions to the Institute's Principal Bye-Laws mean that responsibility for regulatory and disciplinary functions revert to the Institute, while an independent board (the CARB Board) is responsible for oversight and supervision of how the Institute discharges these functions.

Over the coming months, members will see changes in official documentation as references change from CARB to Professional Standards and Chartered Accountants Ireland.  Our correspondence and other communications will bear the new description 'Professional Standards' and use the Institute logo.

For now, you'll still be able to reach your contacts within the Professional Standards team using their existing CARB email addresses, however, over time, '' will become the main contact address.  Similarly, the website will change over time.  Postal addresses will remain unchanged.

The CARB name and logo will be reserved solely for matters concerning the CARB Board itself, including its Annual Report and Regulatory Plan.

Implementing the changes fully will take a little time and so for the avoidance of doubt, where standard documents/forms require declarations or confirmations from members or firms/member firms that are currently to CARB, this has the same effect as such declarations/confirmations being made directly to the Institute.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the above changes please contact  Aidan Lambe, Director, Professional Standards, at the Institute

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