This course is assessed through one end of course written case study where you will be asked to demonstrate your competence, understanding and skills in the area.

Pass mark is set at 50%

Members of Chartered Accountants Ireland will be awarded a Diploma from Chartered Accountants Ireland under the ‘1966 ICAI Charter Amendment Act’.

Other professionals will be awarded a Diploma by our training subsidiary Chartered Accountants Ireland Executive Education Ltd.

Industry recognition

All our programmes are designed with the aim of delivering the ‘must have’ practical skills required to excel in that field. Programmes are developed in consultation with the key stakeholders shaping accountancy and finance today in industry, practice (from the "big 4" to small practitioners) and regulators such as Revenue and the IASB.

Our awards

Chartered Accountants Ireland is one of a small number of professional bodies with statutory awarding powers under Irish and UK law conferring the power to make awards including Diplomas and Certificates. Our programmes are designed to meet a special purpose and continue at roughly a Masters level, expanding knowledge in a specific field.  Awards are made depending on the programme and the participant background by either Chartered Accountants Ireland or our Executive Education subsidiary.

Global reach

Increasingly our programmes are being undertaken by professionals working around the world including members of Chartered Accountants Ireland based overseas. For example, our Diploma in IFRS is offered by ICAS in Scotland to their members and has also been offered by ICAEW to their members in the recent past. As active members of international networks including Chartered Accountants Worldwide and the Global Accounting Alliance (which includes ICAWE, AICPA, IDW and JICPA), we welcome our international colleagues on our programmes.