iXBRL: DPL taxonomy

Dec 04, 2017

We have confirmed with Revenue that there is currently a technical difficulty with the format of their new DPL Taxonomy on the Revenue website and this means that there is no direct access to the new schema necessary to adopt the DPL.   We expect a solution from Revenue shortly.   

As we reported last month, Revenue released their DPL taxonomy for use with the FRS 101, 102 and EU IFRS taxonomies when tagging financial statements for iXBRL filings.  At the moment, this DPL taxonomy is not working as intended. 

Until such time that Revenue has fixed the error with their DPL taxonomy, the DPL information will be accepted if the information is tagged using typed dimension tags as follows:

  • Further item of operating income/gain [income statement item, component of operating profit (loss)];
  • Further item of operating expense/loss [income statement item, component of operating profit (loss)]; and
  • Further item of non-operating gain (loss) before tax [income statement item, component of profit or loss before tax].

We expect an eBrief to issue from Revenue shortly on this difficulty. We will report of any developments in Chartered Accountants Tax News.