Important information regarding photo ID when going to Prometric

All names on your valid (in date and not cancelled) photo ID must match exactly with the name(s) you have registered as a student with Chartered Accountants Ireland.  When registering to sit your DEBK with Prometric, please double check that your details match your ID.  Students whose ID does not match with their registered details on the day of the assessment will not be permitted to sit the DEBK assessment.

Acceptable forms of photo id

If you are testing outside of your country of origin, a valid passport is the only acceptable form of photo ID.

If you are testing within your country of origin a valid passport or a valid driver's licence will be the only acceptable forms of photo ID.  

CAP1 Double entry bookkeeping assessment - frequently asked questions

What does DEBK stand for?

DEBK stands for Double Entry Book-Keeping and is a core accountancy skill worth a maximum of 20% of the overall CAP1 Financial Accounting Exam.

Are there rules in place for DEBK?

DEBK Assessment is mandatory for all students taking the CAP1 Financial Accounting paper and is a pre-requisite to sitting any of the CAP1 examinations. Students can sit the test as many times as they require to achieve success; however, for subsequent attempts (i.e. other than the 1st attempt in the initial assessment window) students will be capped at the pass mark of 12.

How much does it cost to sit?

The first time sitting fee is incorporated into the course fees. Any subsequent tests will be charged directly by Prometric when booking online at a cost of €89.12/£89.12.

How do I book online

You can book your DEBK assessment here

Where can I get the preparatory material?

The DEBK toolkit will be sent to you with the course material soon after you have enrolled on CAP1 Financial Accounting. The DEBK toolkit provides explanatory material, tutorial questions, DEBK questions/solutions and the relevant information for the assessment. In addition, sample tests are available online and can be accessed here

Will the assessment be held in standard exam hall style?

No, this assessment is delivered in approved Prometric test centres. As candidates will be entering and leaving the test area during your test, some degree of disruption is unavoidable. Headsets are provided for all testing candidates to use in reducing the impact of this disruption.

Assessment day?

You must produce a valid photo ID i.e. drivers licence or passport to gain admission to this assessment. (see below):

  • If you are testing outside of your country of origin, a valid passport is the only acceptable form of  ID i.e. valid means in date. 
  • If you are testing within your country of origin, a valid passport or a valid driver’s licence will be an acceptable form of ID. I.e. valid means in date.
  • All names on valid ID must match exactly the name you are registered under with Chartered Accountants Ireland.
  • Students, who present at the assessment centre without valid ID or the name on the ID does not match, will not be allowed to sit. And their fee will be forfeited and students will be required to re-book and re-pay to sit their assessment at a later date.
  • Your eligibility number is your student number.
  • Students are required to place all personal belongings in a locker provided.
  • Students must sign in and out of the centre and a photo will be taken on check in.
  • All mobile phones/smart watches must be turned off.
  • Only a Silent, handheld, solar or battery-operated, non-programmable calculator (without paper tape printing capabilities or alphabetic keypads) may be used during this assessment. Scientific calculators may not be accepted as they have programmable functions. If assessment centre staff are in any doubt about your calculator they will not permit you to use it for the purpose of your assessment.
  • Rough work paper and pencils are provided to be used and will be collected at the end of your exam.
  • No food is allowed in the test room.
  • Please be aware the test room is monitored by CCTV at all times.
  • If you need help during your assessment please raise your hand and the test centre administrator will assist you.
  • There are no scheduled breaks during the assessment and should you leave the room no extra time will be provided.

How long is this assessment?

The DEBK assessment is 75 minutes long. There is a 15 minute optional tutorial which you can take in advance of the assessment. This tutorial is to provide details of the navigation and layout of the questions in the exam enabling you to make optimum use of the time allocation for the assessment. It comprises of 32 questions over 4 sections. There is a short survey at the end of the assessment to allow candidates to provide us with feedback which we can use in the ongoing improvement of our service.

What if there is no appointment available in my preferred location and time slot?

Appointments are provided subject to demand. It is recommended that candidates book an appointment at their earliest convenience to ensure they can avail of a satisfactory assessment slot at their preferred testing location.

Where is this assessment available?

You can access a full list of available assessment centres as well as directions to each centre on

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

When you book your assessment you will be issued with a tracking code, you can use this code to cancel or reschedule your appointment through the web based booking engine. You can cancel or reschedule appointments up to 3 working days in advance of the assessment date; Appointments are frozen and non-refundable 3 working days in advance of their scheduled date.

When and how can I receive my result?

Results will be posted to your student portal within 10 days of assessment date. You will receive the final mark (out of 20). For full feedback criteria please see your DEBK toolkit.

If I am unsuccessful in the DEBK can I get a full breakdown of my results?

Due to the sensitive nature of questions in the live test environment we cannot comment or release any further details, or breakdown of results, other than mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Can I appeal my result?

The result is computer calculated, so no appeal on the published mark will be considered. Complaints regarding environmental conditions may be submitted to within one week of attempt. Full details are available within the Exams-Regulations area.

What happens if I have not passed the DEBK by the main Financial Accounting Examination?

You cannot sit any of the CAP1 main examinations until you have achieved competency in DEBK. Hence, you will have to resit the assessment in the DEBK Summer test window before the CAP1 repeat examinations which are usually held in September.

Who should I contact with any queries about the assessment?

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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