Our vision, mission and values

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Our vision

An Ireland and Irish diaspora where no member of the Chartered Accountant and Accounting Technician family will have to suffer unexpected hardship without the care and support needed.

Our mission

To offer members of Chartered Accountants Ireland and Accounting Technicians Ireland, students and their families access to high quality and effective services. Through our mental health, wellbeing and advisory services and through our financial assistance we strive to ensure that nobody suffering unexpected difficulties is left behind.

Our Values


We believe in transparency and in making ourselves accountable to our donors, supporters and beneficiaries to ensure our resources are used efficiently. 


We strive to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and conduct; we never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interests of those in need of our services.


We seek to develop relationships based on trust and at all times we respect the privacy and confidentiality of those we assist.


We are committed to developing partnerships with individuals and other organisations to deliver our vision and achieve positive outcomes for our beneficiaries.


We go to great lengths to support those in our community who are facing unexpected hardship.


We believe in the power of great ideas. We aspire to finding effective solutions for those in need through innovative thinking combined with a practical approach.


We focus on achieving a high standard of organisational excellence and are committed to achieving our vision and mission.


We deliver services to a high standard and constantly seek ways to improve the services we offer.