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Data Analytics and Technologies Workshop

Working with the Digital Transformation team in Deloitte, we have developed this Data Analytics and Technologies Workshop to enable you to explore and learn about emerging workplace technologies with confidence. This workshop sold out in May 2019 so we are pleased to offer it again in July 2019.

Automation, digital disruption, data analytics and technologies affect every workplace and will continue to do so. These developments will impact on you and your work to varying extents so it is important to understand them so that you can implement and adapt to change.

Engaging with these concepts can be intimidating so this workshop uses root cause analysis and design thinking methodologies to shed light on them. It is suitable for all levels and no prior experience is required.

Over the day and a half, you will learn about:

  • Digital disruption: understanding the possibilities presented by technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and analytics
  • Problem solving: identifying opportunities and solutions through root cause analysis and design thinking
  • Data analytics: exploring practical ways to implement process improvements, create meaningful efficiencies and transform data to insight through data analytics
  • Delivering change: employing practical project management techniques to deliver change in an agile way

Who are the tutors?

The lead tutors are Brian Jackson and Ross Grehan of Deloitte.

Brian Jackson See my bio on LinkedIn
Audit Partner, Deloitte - Innovations in Audit
Ross Grehan See my bio on LinkedIn
Risk Analytics Lead, Deloitte - Practical application of analytical methodology


The workshop runs over one and a half days - Thursday 11 and Friday 12 July 2019 delivered in Chartered Accountants House, Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

This collaborative and engaging workshop will prompt discussion from the group. We will explain and discuss these new technologies leading you to a better understanding. Knowledge and experience will be shared as we work through case studies and practical examples. 

Why you should attend

Following on from the sell out course in May 2019, we are delighted to rerun this course on foot of popular demand.

This workshop will give you an enhanced understanding of new technologies and ways of thinking. Harnessing the potential of emerging technologies can free up your time to do more lucrative and higher level client-facing work. You will learn about the new skills that can, when allied with your existing finance skill set futureproof your career and your business. Input from the group will be invited in a friendly, engaging and interactive atmosphere, allowing you to benefit from practical examples and experiences. 

Course details
Dates: Thursday 11 and  Friday 12 July  2019 (1.5 days)
Fees: Member rate: €495
Non-member rate: €618
 Venue: Chartered Accountants House, Dublin 2
CPD hours: 10 hours
Contact: LLL@charteredaccountants.ie

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