Pay and File Tips from Revenue

Nov 06, 2017

Revenue has published some tips on pay and file matters such as; calculation and payment of preliminary tax, accessing and using Revenue Online Service (ROS) and making tax payments on ROS.  As we reported last week, the ROS pay and file deadline is extended by two days to Thursday 16 November.

The tips from Revenue published in eBrief No. 95/17, are categorised as follows:

  1. Deadline for filing, self-assessment and payment
  2. Preliminary tax – calculation and payment
  3. CAT (IT38) and PAYE (Form 12) return deadline
  4. Help in completing your 2016 Form 11
  5. Extended ROS Helpdesk Opening Hours
  6. Tips in accessing and using ROS
  7. Tips for ROS payments and refunds
  8. Tips for filing your 2016 Form 11

The eBrief also includes information on Relevant Contracts Tax and a reminder on Local Property Tax compliance.   

Revenue has also published a number of explanatory videos on completing the Form 11 for 2016 which you may find helpful.

There are videos on: