A ten-step hiring guide

Nov 01, 2018

As a hiring manager, you have to get the small things right...

  1. Make sure that anyone looking at you and your team from the outside gets a great first impression. Focus first on LinkedIn profiles and job specs.
  2. Decide on your route to market. Will you work with referrals, jobs boards, recruiters or others? Have a plan and remember, less is more if you have the right partners.
  3. Agree on timelines and a way of working with relevant resources, and HR in particular.
  4. Make yourself available to brief the relevant recruit in person as they will create the first impression of you and your team.
  5. Be ready to react when the right person comes along, and make sure that other stakeholders are on-board and available.
  6. Communicate, communicate, communicate – time delays kill all deals, and that’s a proven fact.
  7. Be flexible in scheduling interviews and ask insightful questions [link:]. And don’t wait to complete all first-round interviews before moving on to round two.
  8. Conduct reference checks yourself if you can. They help you lead and develop your new hire, not just to decide if you’re going to hire them.
  9. Your job isn’t done until the new hire is past probation. Make sure the contract is issued quickly, that you meet the expectations you set, that you have a plan for induction, and that the other members of your team are involved in making your new hire a success.
  10. Reflect, rinse and repeat – every hiring process is an opportunity for learning.
You can read this and more in the Accountancy Ireland and Barden Hiring Guide.