Institute launches Strategy24

Jul 29, 2020

Barry Dempsey outlines Chartered Accountants Ireland’s new path to real change – for tomorrow, for good.

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time” – the words of the inimitable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You could argue that the change we have seen in the way we all work and live our lives since March has happened far quicker than she could have foreseen. The unprecedented aside, however, her words have real resonance for our Institute as we embark on our own period of real change as an organisation of over 28,500 members.

Real change for Chartered Accountants Ireland will be guided over the coming four years by a plan that I am excited and proud to launch, Strategy24. Change is not new to the Institute; when you are more than 130 years old, it tends to become a necessity for survival! It is change by our members and for our members, and as my colleagues who have worked alongside me can attest, engagement with members has been extensive. It has also been frank and honest; we did not want members to pull any punches. Our profession is changing all around us, so we want to be on our toes, working harder than ever to be the Institute that members need. Strategy24 will help us to do this.

Our vision and values

Our vision for Chartered Accountants Ireland is that of a vibrant, modern and highly relevant organisation with a network of digitally connected members who have a strong sense of belonging, no matter what their industry or where in the world they are. While in some ways, COVID-19 has made the world suddenly feel like a much bigger place, it has also accelerated the digitisation of the Institute, giving members that sense of connection even though they are apart. This direction of travel will continue through Strategy24.

The values guiding Strategy24 are:

  • Innovation with ambition
  • Collaboration for impact
  • Speed and simplicity
  • Inclusion
  • Trust

The final value of “For tomorrow, for good” is the hub around which all the other values exist, driving home the “enduring change” that Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke of, and through which we will create opportunities for members and students as well as ethical, sustainable prosperity for society.

Origins of Strategy24

Strategy24 builds on the success of our previous strategic document, Strategy 2020, which proved an effective roadmap for us. It identified what set the Chartered Accountancy profession apart and worked to build these differentiators for the benefit of our members.

The themes that underpinned Strategy 2020 were attracting the brightest and best to the profession, being relevant to our members, and being the authoritative voice of the profession.

Strategy24 will build on these achievements and seek to drive some broader strategic priorities, which represent a more significant change for our Institute, all developed through extensive consultation with members and relevant key stakeholders over the last year. Again, I cannot overstate the importance of this frank and honest engagement. The resulting plan represents all members and is robust enough to guide us – even at this time of heightened uncertainty. Strategy24 is the product of collaboration, trust and new ways of thinking. It is the very manifestation of the values that will guide us towards 2024.

The building blocks of Strategy24

  • Connecting: ‘redesigning the member experience’ and ‘amplifying our voice’. We aim to be a member-centric, vibrant and relevant organisation that facilitates a diverse, digitally connected and engaged network with a strong sense of belonging. We must be the effective and leading voice for members – consulted with, and influential on, key issues affecting the profession and the broader economy.
  • Empowering: ‘educating members career-long’ and ‘building trust’. We will design and deliver high-quality, student- and member-centred, future-focused education that develops the capabilities sought by employers, equipping our members and students to excel at all career stages. In everything we do, we will aim to be recognised as an appropriate and effective regulator that drives value for members, stakeholders and the public, ensuring confidence in – and respect for – the Institute and the profession.
  • Evolving: ‘elevating the brand’ and ‘becoming a high-performance organisation’. We will equip members, firms and employers with a contemporary brand that consistently reinforces and epitomises the values of the Chartered Accountant profession. Under this strategy, our Institute will focus on being a financially sustainable, digitally-enabled organisation with an agile culture that supports innovation and collaboration.

A strategy for uncertain times 

When we started work on this strategy over a year ago, it was hard to imagine a threat more real and wide-ranging than Brexit. Indeed, for most of the duration of the development of this plan, COVID-19 did not have a name, having emerged as a ‘novel coronavirus’ on the other side of the world. Contemporary business language like ‘disruption’ has taken on a whole new meaning when, in weeks, entire industries have been decimated and other, never before imagined, niche industries are up and running.

From a broader perspective, globalisation and technology have transformed access. Access to markets, knowledge, expertise, learning and capital has expanded exponentially. At the same time, connections and attachments have become lighter and more transient. Where people belong and what they belong to is blurred.

Strategy24 is nevertheless a strategy for this uncertain time, and our ambition matches the scale of the challenge. The impact of the global pandemic on our economies and our societies, as well as the shape of our future relationship with our nearest neighbour, are just two of the unknowns that will become more fully known throughout the life of Strategy24. The reference to ‘24’ of course refers to the strategy taking us successfully through to the year 2024, but it deliberately implies more than that. It marks the prioritisation of an always-on, responsive Institute that is attuned to – and motivated by – members’ needs, whether virtually or in person.

I hope that members can support, engage with, and see tangible benefits from Strategy24 as we move forward. The collaborative approach does not end with the launch of the document, however. I will continue to encourage your feedback in the weeks and months ahead so that our strategy can achieve what it is intended to, one step at a time.


Barry Dempsey is Chief Executive at Chartered Accountants Ireland.