Integrity, honesty and hard work

Aug 01, 2018
The founders of RGR Partners turned their friendship into a growing practice where hard work is the key to success.

How did the three of you come together to form RGR Partners in 2006?

We all met for the first time as trainees in EY back in 2001. We became great friends and always had the urge to sit at the partner’s desk, even when we were trainees. From this, we set up our first office in 2006.  

How did RGR Partners go from one location to three?

We focused on the Loughrea office for the first year. Darren opened the second office in 2007 in his hometown of Ballinasloe and we opened the Galway office after that, as we were servicing a lot of clients in the city. This all happened as the economy was in a downturn.

What are the most important decisions you and the other partners have made for your practice?

Our excellent staff are key for our firm. We focus heavily on training our staff and encouraging all our trainees to pursue the Chartered Accountants Ireland training programme. We have found this training programme to be an excellent structure for our staff. 

We also encourage our staff to pursue post-qualification courses, such as the Chartered Tax Consultancy and the Diploma in Insolvency. We encourage everyone to stay with RGR Partners after their training contract and, as a result, we have built a wonderful, dedicated team around us.

How do you ensure all three of you are heard equally in your partnership?

We are all great friends and Sharon and Aidan are actually husband and wife. Each partner heads an office and takes individual responsibility for each service we provide. We constantly bounce issues off each other. Having three heads makes life in practice so much easier.

What are the core values of RGR Partners and how do you and the other partners in your organisation communicate them to staff?

Integrity and honesty are the main core values that we instil in our everyday actions. As Chartered Accountants, we are accountable to a number of stakeholders. This is passed through to our staff as they are mentored through their training.

What is one trait you think all small business owners should possess and that has helped your firm become successful?

Hard work, continuous education and dedication has got us to where the firm is today. We look at our successful clients also and they continue to work hard, even after they are successfully established. This is what it takes. Luckily for us, we love what we do – it seldom feels like work. 

What excites you and the other partners right now?

When we look back and see what we have achieved and how the firm has grown over the last 12 years, it fills us with a sense of great pride. With the ever growing team in RGR Partners, it excites us to see how, with the assistance and mentoring from us, our staff are achieving a Chartered Accountant qualification that will have such a positive impact on their future careers. We look forward to continued growth and success in our firm and as well as being business partners and staff, we will all be friends for life.