Resilience required

Jul 01, 2019
Brendan Byrne demonstrates his adaptability as a business partner, financial advisor, mentor and manager in his role as Global Finance Lead in Accenture Ireland.

In my global finance role, I work with Accenture teams all around the world, which means I have the flexibility to work from home. If I don’t have a call with Japan or Australia first thing, I can usually start my day a little bit later and not worry about going into the office. Cue large mug of tea, black.

First call of the day. Most weeks, I start my day with my team in India.

First call down, another 12 to go. My global role has a follow-the-sun approach, something my Big Four training has more than adequately equipped me for.

Another two calls done. The diversity in my role means I’m quite often changing topics. Already I’ve had two annual budget-related calls and one on how our plans for our participation in Dublin Pride are coming along. As well as my main finance role, I lead our Pride at Accenture Network locally (our LGBT program). Next up today is an internal corporate citizenship review with my own team to discuss themes, such as sustainability and re-skilling.

I’ve had a call postponed to later in the week, so I take advantage and go into the office. I’ve got a few review meetings with my team in Dublin in the afternoon and it’s better to be there face- 

Lunch done and a 2km walk to the shop and back in the bag. Now for my afternoon run of meetings. Reviews with my team tend to get quite creative, even for us accountants, and generally involve drawing up story maps on the writeable walls or the Surface hubs. It’s an interactive process and critical to getting the story right. Numbers are only part of what we do!

Time to beat the afternoon slump. I usually switch to green tea, but the activities of the day mean it’s still regular tea for me.

Many of my stakeholders are managing directors, so a lot of my calls tend to involve being a good business partner and financial advisor. It also means I am a steward of Accenture and always look to ensure that we are using the company’s resources effectively.

Just finished my last call for the day. Ending on a good note, another deliverable out the door and another happy stakeholder.

In the door and feel the need to stretch the legs because pacing on calls doesn’t really work the muscles. I head out with a friend for an “easy” 5km run.

Back home and cooking dinner. I catch up with friends on the phone before sinking into the couch for whatever the latest thing I’m binge- watching on TV to help switch the brain off before bed.