Working across the world

Mar 01, 2019
Sláine Power, Audit Manager, Internal Audit at Microsoft, has a late daily start but works hard across multiple regions and three different countries.

8:30 AM 

Wake up. I am notorious for setting my alarm early and continuously hitting snooze. 

9:30 AM 

I avoid the morning rush by arriving to the office late. You might think this cheeky, but it’s all about finding a good balance between the odd 10:00 PM call with Microsoft HQ in Seattle the night before and the beginning of the next work day. Microsoft promotes a flexible work environment. The office is open plan with hot desks and lots of focus rooms. I sit in a different seat everyday within the Finance neighbourhood, which offers a chance to strike up a conversation and learn something new. 

10:00 AM 

Team meeting. There are 11 people on the Dublin Internal Audit team, encompassing nine nationalities. We debrief and share lessons from the last month’s projects. 

11:00 AM 

Catch up on emails.

12:00 PM 

Lunchtime. My team and I beat the rush by going for lunch early. We have a variety of food options for lunch just on the ground floor of our building. As part of the diversity and inclusion initiative, this week is an Asia theme with vegan and halal options and a range of flavours from China, India, Japan, Vietnam and more. You may have guessed, I love food! 

1:00 PM 

It’s time to plan my next audit project. I will work with a team of four when we will travel to Moscow for two weeks. I am responsible for planning, managing the execution of fieldwork and reporting the audit. I review the risks and the audit plan that we will cover during this project… but I’m really looking forward to our weekend trip to St. Petersburg.  

4:00 PM

 Wrap up meeting for my January project auditing internal controls. I will draft the audit results for senior leadership. With teams in Dublin, Singapore and Seattle, the time zones involved meant a flexible approach was required for this project. 6AM and 11:30PM meetings were necessary to accommodate the different time zones.

4:30 PM 

Dublin team meeting with the General Manager of Internal Audit. During the year, we stay connected to our leadership based in Seattle through a monthly video conference meeting – cameras on. It almost feels like we are all in the same room. 

6:00 PM 

Evening run.

6:30 PM 

Dinner. I enjoy cooking and will often try something new by experimenting with ingredients or just never measuring anything. When it goes well, it goes really well; otherwise there is always a back-up takeaway.

7:30 PM 

Chill for the evening with my other half.

10:00 PM 

Pre-sleep reading. I’m currently reading Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian. A great read even for non-golf fans.