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IFAC launches code of ethics series

Nov 27, 2019

 IFAC is releasing the first instalment in a new series, Exploring the IESBA Code.

Through twelve monthly instalments, Exploring the IESBA Code will take an in-depth look at the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (including International Independence Standards) (the Code).  Each instalment of the series will highlight different aspects of the Code in real-world situations, in a manner that is relatable and practical. A special focus will be placed on recent revisions to the Code.

The first instalment of the Exploring the IESBA Code deals with the five Fundamental Principles of ethics, which establish the standard of behaviour expected of all professional accountants - a standard which enable accountants to uphold their responsibility to act in the public interest.

To read and download this and future instalments, visit the IFAC website.

Read more information about the Code here.

(Source: IESBA)