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IFAC launches Future-Fit series to address changing role of accountants in business

Sep 04, 2019
With a changing and uncertain business environment, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and finance functions must evolve to sit at the heart of decision making within their organisations, according to a series launched by IFAC (the International Federation of Accountants). The series includes:

It is incumbent upon various stakeholders – organisations, professional accountancy organisations (PAOs), and individuals – to help prepare future-fit accountants in business.

For organisations, developing a finance function vision will help identify the enablers of change and ensure that the finance function is fit-for-purpose to partner with the business.

For PAOs, there are three priority areas to develop future-ready accountants in business: engaging accountants in business and their employers, advancing accountancy education, and promoting the value of the accounting profession.

Source: IFAC