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New e-zine for members in business

Jun 01, 2018

Vision, our new e-zine for members in business, is available to download. vision-mag

Supported by FK International, Vision features interviews with some of the leading and most successful Chartered Accountants in business, including:

  • John Herlihy FCA, EMEA Vice President and Managing Director, LinkedIn;
  • Mari Hurley FCA, CFO, Hostelworld;
  • Ian Sparling FCA; CEO, Soft-Ex;
  • Lynda Carroll FCA, Head of Capital Allocation and Risk-Based Pricing, AIB;
  • Leo Casey FCA, Head of Republic of Ireland, BGF;
  • Marcus Kelly FCA, Managing Director, FK International; and
  • Kieran Conroy FCA, Managing Director, Citco.

Download your copy of Vision now.