Services we offer

Whether you have just started your training, have embarked on your new career, or are well established, we are here to help if things go wrong.  We offer all kinds of supports that are tailored to you and are delivered in complete confidence at any stage of your life with the Institute.  Give us a call - you can count on us.

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6-8 sessions free counselling CA Support with Laya

Sometimes we need to seek professional help when life gets on top of us. With our Employee Assistance Programme partner, we offer a free confidential service to you which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Talk to us today and will refer you on to this solution-focused counselling service.

Wellness coaching

Access to a qualified health and wellness coach who can offer 3 x wellness coaching sessions to those who need help making behavioural changes around their health and wellbeing.

Post qualification diplomas

We work closely with the Life Long Learning team in the Institute to assist those who want to enhance their career.

Financial support

No-one can predict what life will throw at them.  There may be times when you fall on hard times.  On occasion, we can step in to provide short-term financial support to give you a hand up if you are encountering serious hardship. Talk to us today if you need our support.

CPD courses

Talk to us about receiving help with your CPD training hours. 

Recruitment service

Did you know we have an in-house recruiting service to students and members? The recruitment team can connect members with job opportunities – many exclusive to the Institute.


Karin Lanigan is an excellent support to beneficiaries who want to transition to a new role, restructure their working life, improve confidence, re-write their CV, work/life balance advice, retirement planning etc. Talk to us about getting in touch with Karin and her team for more information.

Career mentor programme

As the saying goes, a mentor’s hindsight can be your foresight.  This valuable relationship can inform your career direction, build your confidence and give you a steer when you reach a critical stage in your career.  We have a panel of over 100 mentors, all Chartered Accountants with successful careers, who are available to speak with members and who provide their insights and advice.

Returners workshops

The Careers department run a one day workshop to support members who are returning to the workplace following a career break.  These workshops have supported over 100 members in their efforts to return to work.  These courses run a number of times per year and we also run a digital refresher course.  Check out the Institute’s event calendar for dates of next course/event.

FCA/senior members – career support

Karin Lanigan and her team have established FCA Taskforce specifically to support members who are experiencing career-related challenges.  They run events throughout the year which focus on specific issues such as ageism, using LinkedIn effectively, building confidence in the workplace etc.

New wellness/mental health programmes for all members

We will be looking to map out a programme of events for all members in collaboration with our key charity partners in the mental health and wellness space:

  • A Lust for Life (mental health)
  • Shine (mental health)
  • DrinkAware (responsible drinking)
  • ARC (cancer support)
  • Irish Heart Foundation (heart health)
  • Age Action (retirement)
  • Forever Young Club (retirement)

We are very excited to collaborate with our ever-growing list of expert partners. We want our students and members to have the latest research and support in all areas of their mental and physical health. Watch this space for more info!

Talk to us today about any of the services you see on this page. We are here with you every step of the way!