Admissions FAQs

 Have a question? Please see the list of questions below and if you can't find the answer you're looking for you can contact us and we'll try our best to help you.

  1. How is my admission to membership fee calculated?

    Admission to membership fees are set by Council and backdated to the student’s eligibility date to apply for membership. For contract students the eligibility date is the later of the training contract expiry date/FAE pass date. For flexible route students it is the Diary completion date.

  2. What period do my fees cover?

    Your invoiced admission fees will run you up until 31 December 2021. Going forward as a new member, you should expect to be invoiced every December in respect of annual subscriptions. The rate of subscription from year to year may vary and is set by Council at their final annual meeting each December for the following year.

  3. Who can I contact to help me with my CA Diary queries?

    For help & guidance on completing your CA Diary, please see CA Diary page.
    For all other CA Diary queries, please contact our training support unit (see Support & Services page).

  4. I am currently working overseas. Can I avail of the overseas rate?

    No, the overseas rate is only available to members. If you take out membership this year, and are working/living abroad  when you are invoiced for your annual subscription next year, the overseas rate will apply providing you have updated your overseas details on My Account by 30th April.

  5. I thought I had a year to apply under the time bar rule, is this not the case?

    Under the time bar rule students have 12 months from the eligibility date to make the application. Please note however, your admission fees are back dated to your eligibility date so if you hold off on applying until next year you will be liable for back subscriptions.                                 

  6. When will I become a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland?

    Applications received up to and including 20 April will be presented for approval by the Oversight Board on 27 April, and applications received up to and including 4 May will be presented for approval by the Oversight Board on 11 May (providing there are no queries on your application). The approval date will become your ACA commencement date. Please note that Oversight Board meeting dates are subject to change.

  7. When is the next graduation ceremony?

    The Spring admission to membership ceremonies will take place in March 2021 for those admitted in 2020.  Due to the ongoing public health situation, they will take place online as virtual ceremonies.

    If you are admitted to membership in 2021 we hope to have  virtual ceremonies in Autumn 2021.

  8. What is the closing date for applications?

    The next two closing dates for receipt of applications are 20 April 2021 and 4 May 2021.

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