How to get started on E-Assessment

Essentials for all exam sittings

Valid identification

Students must ensure they have at least one of the following forms of identification on the day of the exam (valid and in date);

The only forms of i.d that are permitted is:

  • drivers licence;
  • passport;
  • European government approved ID cards. 

Any other form of identification will not be accepted. For avoidance of doubt, you will NOT be permitted to present the following; Garda age cards, leap cards, work ID/security cards, college/university I.D cards, bank cards, GNIB cards, Public Services Cards, Gym ID etc. 

All name(s) on the valid photo I.D must match exactly with the name(s) the student has registered with Chartered Accountants Ireland. The I.D must be valid and in date. 

On the exam day, if a student presents an expired Passport, Drivers Licence or government issued identification or a non-permitted identification, this will be reviewed after and the exam result maybe forfeited. In this case, the student will have to purchase a resit exam and reschedule for on-demand exams only (CAP1 DEBK and CAP1 Law). For main exam sittings, the student should contact the relevant exam executive. During the onboarding phase, if a student fails to take a valid picture of their I.D or themselves, when prompted to do so, this will  result in a review of their exam and a possible forfeit of their exam result.

Preparing for exam day 

Applies to all exams being sat on the E-assessment platform.

  • The student must ensure they are using the current version of their browser and have downloaded the  ProctorU Chrome extension;
  • It is strongly advised students test their equipment before sitting their exam. Visit the ProctorU page prior to the exam session to  Test their Equipment.

Students can only test their equipment once they have received their exam time/exam link (for CAP1 Management Accounting Interim Assessment, CAP2 Financial Reporting Interim Assessment, FAE AAFRP and main exams at all levels). Students will receive their time slot for these exams approx. 2 weeks before the exam day. 
Students should not try to create a ProctorU profile.

Students sitting their on-demand exams (CAP1 DEBK and Law only) can test their equipment once they have booked their time slot for these exams.
Students should not try to create a ProctorU profile.

Before receiving their exam time, students can check their camera and microphone  are working by using settings on their laptop and check their internet by doing an internet speed check;

  • Both camera and microphone must be working in order to sit E-Assessment exams;
  • The network being used should not contain 'Firewalls'. Firewalls may prevent the ProctorU invigilation extension or the camera on the laptop/desktop from working. Check with your I.T department to ensure these will not cause issues on the day of the exam. Students should avoid using 'Guest Wi-Fi networks, as this may cause the Firewall issue;
  • Ensure there is sufficient RAM on your laptop. RAM is the speedy short-term memory it uses for running applications and opening files.

    To check your RAM- In the search bar type ‘About your PC’. Under ‘Device Specifications’ you will see a line named “Installed RAM” and this will tell you how much you currently have. Recommended RAM usage should be below 70% usage / 16 GB. If it exceeds this, students may have to delete some running applications;

  • Students should prepare the environment in which they plan to take their exam. The area should be quiet and adequately lit. The student’s workspace must be clear of unauthorised materials. The student must check if the examination scheduled is an open book or closed book examination before the exam begins. The student must ensure the location is free from interruptions.

On exam day

Applies to all exams being sat on the E-assessment platform.

  • Any external monitors must be disconnected from laptops; If using a desktop students should only use 1 monitor;
  • Students should place a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door to prevent interruptions;
  • Remove any non-religious headwear, earplugs/headphones, smartwatches before clicking the ’Start session’ button;
  • Disconnect from VPN networks;
  • At least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the exam, the student should log into their student portal, select ‘my enrolments’ and click on the relevant exam, e.g. Law exam or the DEBK assessment . They will then be directed to the ProctorU homepage, where they can select start once the time arrives;
  • Students must ensure their laptop/desktop speaker is un-muted at all times during the exam.
  • Students camera must be switched on at all times for the exam duration;
  • Have valid and in date I.D ready at their workspace as it will be needed for the onboarding phase; 
  • The student must ensure their whole face is within the camera view and take a clear picture of themselves and their I.D during the onboarding phase;
  • Students are permitted to have their mobile phone in the room with them. It must be kept out of reach and on silent. The online invigilator may call students if they experience issues during their exam;
  • Students should have the 'Direct Live chat' readily available to contact ProctorU support in case an issue is encountered on the day; 
  • If a student wishes to use the bathroom during the exam, they must speak into the screen and state they are taking a bathroom break.

System requirements

  • A compatible browser: Google Chrome (preferred) or Mozilla Firefox
Type Minimum Recommended
Web camera 640 x 480 resolution 1280 x 720 resolution
PC users Windows 8 (Windows 10 S Mode is not supported) Windows 10 (10 S mode is not supported)
Mac users MacOS 10.13 MacOS 10.15 
Internet download speed 1 Mbps 12 Mbps
Internet upload speed 1 Mbps 3 Mbps
RAM   16 GB , less than 70% usage
CPU   More than 4 Core CPU , less than 50% usage
 Screen Resolution  1366 x768  1920 x 1080 or above

Systems/hardware not supported by E-Assessment

  • Google Chromebooks
  • Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)
  • Smartphones / mobile devices
  • Surface Pro or Surface RT
  • Linux operating system
  • Windows 10 in S mode or Surface RT
    Windows 10 S Mode can be disabled at your own discretion. However, once you switch out of S mode, Windows is not able to revert back into S mode. The change is permanent.
  • No running inside virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam

On-boarding process for exams

The on-boarding process for the exam will not affect the students examination time. ProctorU reservations remain active in the students account for 15 minutes past the scheduled time. If they have exceeded the 15 minute window, the student will not be able to sit the exam. If this is an on-demand exam, the student will have to re-schedule their exam. For main exam sittings, the student should contact the relevant exam executive. If the student fails to show for an exam session, this will be counted as an attempt. 

Students will be brought through the on-boarding process. This includes an acceptance of the terms and conditions. The student will be asked to take a photo of themselves through their webcam, as well as a photo of their valid and in-date Passport/Drivers Licence or government issued I.D. Please ensure the whole of the I.D is visible when taking the picture.

Opening of additional browsers, searching the internet or opening Excel or Word documents is strictly prohibited during the exam. All other browser windows will be locked down during the exam. If a student attempts to access additional internet browser, this will be flagged and logged.

If a student persists with attempting to open an additional internet browser or is caught using non-permitted material within the examination environment, the exam may be voided. The students attempt will be marked as unsuccessful/ fail. This information will be forwarded to Chartered Accountants Ireland and will be dealt with by the relevant individuals/board/committee. If permitted, the student must reschedule the examination through their student portal and pay the re-sit fee.

Once the student has completed the exam within the allotted time frame, the student must click the complete assessment button. A further two notification boxes will appear to confirm the student wishes to complete and end their assessment. Their script will be submitted and sent for marking.

Students then click the ‘End Session’ button to close down the session and browser. If a student fails to complete the exam within the allotted time-frame, the exam screen will timeout and the script will automatically be submitted.

Once the student has completed the exam/assessment, some training firms have requested that the student should remove the ProctorU extension. This is done by right-clicking on the 'Extension’ (Jigsaw) icon located at the top right of the screen. Click on the ProctorU Blue owl and select  'Remove from Chrome'. Please ensure that the ProctorU Chrome extension is downloaded again before taking the next exam.

Practice Papers

Students will have access to practice exam papers before they sit their on-demand exams, Interim Assessments and main exams. The Practice Papers will allow the student to become familiar with the question formats and the assessment platform before sitting their exams. The Practice Paper exams will not be marked or invigilated. 


Disconnected from an exam

If a student gets disconnected from the exam, they will need to close their exam and their internet browser. Students must ensure that all windows are closed out properly.  Once Wi-Fi connection is back / fixed, the student will have to log back into their student portal to ‘My Enrolments’ and click the exam they are currently sitting. This will bring the student back to the ProctorU homepage and they will see a ‘Reconnect’ button.

Once the student clicks this they will be reconnected to the ProctorU exam session. The student will have to go through the environment check once again to ensure their exam environment is secure. Once the student passes the environment checks, the student will be granted access again to their exam. The questions answered up to the point of disconnection will be saved so the student will lose none of the work they've already done. They will continue the exam as normal and submit the exam by clicking the ‘Complete Assessment’ button.
If a student becomes disconnected from their exam, the exam time will not be paused. Students should reconnect to the exam as soon as possible.

If students are having difficulty reconnecting to their exam, use the 'Live Chat' for assistance.  

0:00 / 0:00

Technical issues during exam

If a student experiences technical difficulty during an exam, the online invigilator may contact the student by phone. ProctorU, the online invigilation platform also have 24/7 technical assistance available. Students can also access technical support before logging into take their exam.

ProctorU have Live support and is readily available if students are having trouble getting connected to their exam or other issues preventing students from taking or continuing with their  exam.

The online invigilator will also have the student's phone number. Students are permitted to have their mobile phone in the exam room; however, this must be placed away from their desk and kept on silent mode.

Students must ensure that their contact details are up-to date on their student portal as this contact number will be used if you experience technical difficulties.

Apply for reasonable accommodation for exams 

Students may apply for reasonable accommodation on the basis of a disability (physical/learning) or a temporary impairment. 

Students who wish to apply for reasonable accommodation must complete the reasonable accommodation application form and return it to the Disability Officer at least eight weeks before their first exam/interim assessment.

Students must provide, with their completed application form, up to date, original supporting medical evidence to support their application. No photocopies or scanned evidence will be accepted. The application must be posted, as emailed applications will not be accepted.