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New! 2020/21 E-Delivery - FAQs for training firms

Training firms will be aware that Chartered Accountants Ireland will deliver all its student education through exclusively online channels for the academic year 2020 / 21, as a result of public health crisis.  This will mean that students access their education online in full, with no in-person lectures planned for the next academic year. All education materials, pre-recorded lectures, lecture notes and slides, live webinars, polls etc will all be provided through a new Moodle platform.

A huge amount of work has taken place and is currently being finalised in order to bring this project to fruition, with CAP1 launching 19 October. We’re keen to keep our partners in training firms updated and to that end have created a list of FAQs that aim to answer most questions.

If you have other queries, please complete the query form on our Online Education page and we will ensure you receive a prompt response.

Please note: information correct to 25 September 2020, will continue to be updated up to course launch October 2020.

  1. When will the courses for CAP1, CAP2 and FAE commence this year?

    Course relaunch dates for the 2020/21 education programme were agreed with the firms given the planned delay/rescheduling of the main exams. The revised dates are:

    • CAP1:19 October
    • CAP2: 2 November
    • FAE:16 November
  2. What are the enrolment closing dates?

    The upcoming enrolment closing dates for your students who wish to participate on the 2020-21 Academic Cycle are as follows:

    Student type  Enrolment window 
    New intake (Students registering a contract with you for the first time this year)  Enrolment remains open until 30 September 2020 
    Students getting CAP1 results  Enrolment runs from 9 to 18 October 2020 
    Students getting CAP2 results  Enrolment runs from 2 to 18 October 2020 


    Students who are required to participate on our repeat examinations and will thus not receive results until December 2020 will have access to online materials to support participation in the next academic level of their studies while they await those results. There will be a subsequent enrolment window for successful repeat candidates running from 18 -30 December 2020. 

  3. When can we expect timetables?

    We are working on release of timetables for w/c 05 Oct, starting with CAP1. 2020/21 timetables will reflect our policy this year to release content in small, four-week chunks, so that we can keep taking on board your feedback and making incremental improvements. On that basis, the first timetable will cover the first four weeks of the course, and further timetables will be released gradually. Remember also that much of the education content is either pre-recorded, quizzes or case studies which are not tied to a time and you can choose to do when it suits you. The first lecture will include an induction talk which will give guidance on what to expect during the academic year.

  4. What is the update on student textbook distribution?

    The Institute has been in contact with all students to advise the process this year about book distribution. All student textbooks will be delivered to the home address provided. Students will have the opportunity to change the delivery address to an alternative/more suitable address in advance of dispatch if they wish. Textbooks will only be delivered to firms in exceptional circumstances. Once student enrolment is finalised your book order will be confirmed to our distributor. They will contact the student directly to provide delivery details. For full details on book distribution is available here.

  5. When will Moodle training be available?

    As part of the introduction process to the new way of education provision this year, the Institute will provide an induction communication to students, in advance of them accessing Moodle. The objective will be to provide a good overview of how education will be delivered, and how students will access and navigate the Moodle platform. Students will be pointed towards induction material hosted initially on the Institute’s website (student section) but once the academic year gets underway, Moodle will be the repository for all communications, support and resources.

  6. When can our students access Moodle?

    We will be sending login details for Moodle to all students by email a week before course commencement, e.g. for CAP1 students, they will receive their login details around 12 October (to be confirmed).

  7. Will training firms have access to Moodle?

    No, training firms won’t have access to Moodle, but will receive attendance reports in respect of their students.

  8. What about recording attendance?

    Attendance this year will be a combination of webinar attendance and engagement data from the Moodle platform. As this type of report is new this year we are still finalising how those reports will look. In previous years we have not produced an attendance report for October as the student data constantly changes due to late enrolments and exemptions, withdrawals and firm changes. Student data doesn’t settle down until November and we believe this will be the case again this year.  

    Students have to fill in their information including student number, training firm. A report is then generated which shows if the student attended and engaged during the webinar.

  9. I have a question about some key dates in 2021 and when certain things are scheduled. Where can I get this information?

    We have created a ‘Key Dates’ page on the Institute’s website which covers most of the main education dates for the academic year. Given the amount of change taking place as a result of adherence to public health guidelines and the pandemic, as of end September, the picture is incomplete in some areas. The Key Dates page will be updated as certain dates are settled upon in the weeks ahead.

  10. I have a question about some exam dates in 2021 dates. Where can I get this information?

    This information is available in the ‘Key Dates’ page as in Q9 above.

  11. Have any decisions been made on the mock exams this year, in terms of the dates the papers will be released, and will the exams be corrected?

    Currently our focus is on the exams this year. We are planning on having the mock exams on the E-Assessment platform in 2021, with no dates agreed at this stage. The issue as to whether the mocks will be marked is as part of this process and has not yet been finalised (as of end September 2020).

  12. How will students be able to gain access to course timetables, lectures and materials if their enrolment is not complete before the relevant course start date?

    For these ‘progression’ students who are waiting on results, they will be enrolled onto our courses within Moodle. This will allow them to access content and engage with webinars while waiting for their enrolments to come through. So if a CAP2 student waiting to enrol onto FAE, doesn’t have an enrolment yet, they will still have access to the content on Moodle. If that student then fails an exam and can’t progress, they will retain access to their original course (CAP2) but their access to the FAE content will be removed.

  13. What is the policy around refunds for withdrawal from a programme?

    Please refer to further down this page, where refunds are covered.

General course enrolment information

Please visit our current student section to learn more about course enrolment and the requirements for enrolments.

Refund policy for withdrawal from a programme

  • Students who notify Chartered Accountants Ireland of their withdrawal from the CAP1/CAP2/FAE programme before 16th November 2020 and return any course materials that have been provided to them in a saleable condition will be entitled to a full refund less €100/£70
  • Students who notify Chartered Accountants Ireland of their withdrawal before 31st December 2020 are eligible for a refund of 50% of course fees
  • Students who notify Chartered Accountants Ireland of their withdrawal after 31st December 2020 are not eligible for any refund of fees paid
  • Deferral of your studies to a subsequent year cannot be facilitated

Please note, refunds are only applicable where full course fees has been received. Applications for refunds must be emailed to

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