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Governance, Risk and Legal

In his latest interview for the Governance Webcast Series, Níall Fitzgerald talks to recently appointed Chair of Irish Funds Association, Lisa Kealy FCA, to discuss:  •             The impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on the Irish funds industry •             Insights about fund manager and investor activity in recent weeks •             The expected role the Irish funds industry will play in Ireland’s recovery As investors continue to search for yields, in some cases willing to trade liquidity for above average returns, there is evidence the pandemic is driving more interest in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing. Ireland may well be on its way to becoming a green hub of investment management with sustainability at the heart of its industry and culture. We also hear of expected growth in the Irish funds industry as many multi nationals are looking to relocate high value roles such as product investment management and risk management to hubs like Ireland. In addition, the industry is continuing to offer many roles for graduates and experienced professionals returning to Ireland. To hear more from Lisa please watch her seven minute interview included in our Governance Webcast Series.

May 29, 2020
Governance, Risk and Legal

Bob Semple FCA writes about the secret sauce of electronic collaboration and the opportunities technology presents to apply a cost effective new approach to virtual meetings. He highlights technology features that, when used, can make a positive difference to the meeting experience. Whether you are organising your next virtual team, management or board meeting, Bob shares his top tips on how to reinvent the meeting in order to get better participation and outputs. Read virtual meetings gone wrong – a guide for the bewildered.

May 14, 2020