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Governance Webcast Series: Responding to COVID-19

What challenges and opportunities have organisations faced so far in the COVID-19 crisis? What actions can your board or organisation take in response to the COVID-19 crisis? What changes will our businesses and the economy face in the post-pandemic world? Get perspectives from Chief Executives, Chairpersons, a Chief Operating Officer, a Risk and Internal Audit advisor and a Business Ethicist across both the public and provide sectors of Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, Australia and Asia in this new series of webcasts from Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Concise Guide for Directors: A five-step approach to considering organisational culture

Organisations are investing more in getting their culture right. There can be many influences challenging business leaders and making them consider whether they need to emphasise or reshape the culture in their organisation. This guide encourages decision-makers to assess the culture within their organisation and to consider if they need to do things differently to achieve success. The various roles that Chartered Accountants play within an organisation involve a level of influence in assessing, defining and shaping organisational culture. They are often positioned with a strategic, overarching view of what is happening in a business unit or across an enterprise. By applying their analytical and reporting skills, they can use their access to information, insights, as well as opportunities to observe behaviours across an organisation, to significantly support the development of a healthy culture. You do not need to be a Chartered Accountant to benefit from the contents of this guide, though an understanding of certain technical requirements as well as the principles of corporate governance is assumed. We hope you find the guide useful and feel free to get in touch with us (see our contact details) for any support or feedback.

Concise Guide of Ethics & Governance for the charity and not-for-profit sector

Chartered Accountants Ireland aims to provide meaningful value to our members involved, or thinking about getting involved, in the charities and not-for-profit sector (‘the sector’) in a non-executive/trustee capacity. Of course, you do not need to be a Chartered Accountant to benefit from the contents and therefore we encourage our members to share this guide with their own network.  The guide assumes a certain pre-existing understanding of technical knowledge as well as ethics and governance standards. Production of the guide was largely informed by research conducted within the sector resulting in some useful practical advice and useful insights. Whilst not a comprehensive deep dive, we hope it provides you with a good steer.

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