Corporate Financial Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity and Reporting


Building a functional financial model is one thing but building a sophisticated financial model can elevated your business and provide you with vital information on financial analysis, loan sizing, debt restructuring and valuation

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01 January 2021 00:00
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01 January 2022 00:00
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Course Overview

Free cash flow

  • What is the methodology for a basic valuation?
  • How do we use the cash flow statement?
  • What is free cash flow?
  • What is the time value of money?
  • How do we deal with a varying interest rate?

Cost of capital

  • What are the components of WACC?
  • What data sources can we use?
  • What are the limitations of WACC?
  • What is the capital asset pricing model?
  • What is asset beta and leveraging?
  • Example: Sector beta

Initial valuation

  • What are terminal values?
  • Discounted cash flows refresher
  • What are the common mistakes?
  • What are the required functions?
  • Comparison to market value
  • What are the components of value periods?


  • How can we use scenarios?
  • Can we use multiple values?
  • How do we use scenario manager?
  • How do we use multiple calculations?
  • How do we use data tables?
  • How do we use complex tables?

Reports and completion

  • What are the common charting failures?
  • How can we use composite charts?
  • How can we use dynamic charts?
  • How do we create a report template?
  • How do prepare for model completion?
  • Documentation