Power Query


Power Query lets you clean up a data set in just a few clicks. In this course, you’ll see a full example of how Power Query can be used to import and clean a series of files, and you’ll learn about all the important features for transforming your data. You’ll apply key concepts through case-study style learning, with concise lessons and applied assessments.  Created & customized for Chartered Accountants Ireland by kubicle.com

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01 January 2021 00:00
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01 January 2022 00:00
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Kubicle, Technology and data

Who Should Attend?

This is an intermediate course, but does not require any prior knowledge of Power Query. This course will be of interest to any business professionals, such as accountants, management consultants and analysts who want to learn how to use Power Query.

Course Overview

This Kubicle course contains 15 lessons, 3 exercises and 1 Exam. It covers the following topics:

  • Power Query Overview
  • Connecting to an Excel File
  • Connecting to a Folder
  • Pivoting and Unpivoting
  • Data Types
  • Merging Queries and Columns
  • Filtering
  • Formatting Columns
  • Adding Custom Columns
  • The M Formula Language
  • Editing and Loading Queries
  • Adding New Data

Key Outcomes

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll understand how to transform a dataset into a suitable form for analysis. You’ll understand the common steps and transformations needed to clean up a dataset, and how to apply those steps in Excel using Power Query. By applying the skills you’ll learn in this course, you’ll greatly improve your productivity as an analyst. You’ll be able to spend less time preparing data for analysis, and spend more time actually analyzing it and generating insights from it.