Sage 50 Accounts Report Writing


Unlock the full power of Sage 50 Accounts Report Designer and fully customise your reports & layouts.

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Belfast, 8-10 Amelia Street, Belfast
Start date & time:  
05 November 2020 09:30
End date & time:  
05 November 2020 16:30
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Mullan Training


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CPD course
Technology and data

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for any one who has a very good working knowledge of Sage 50 Accounts.

Course overview 

Details of Sage Tables & Fields

Creating Reports

  • Report Desktop
  • Report Sections
  • Formatting reports

Sorting, Grouping & Totaling

  • Sorting Reports
  • Grouping within Reports
  • Adding Sub and Grand Totals
  • Adding Formulae

Filtering Records

  • Changing Report range criteria
  • Adding Filters to limit records displayed

Emailing Reports & Documents

Formatting Reports

  • Adding Styles
  • Adding Lines, Boxes, Graphics
  • Printing & Page Setup
  • Conditionally Formatting report objects
  • Report Favourites
  • Default Report Settings

Key learning outcomes

  • Know how to create new reports using the report wizard, amend fixed reports, select variables, sort information and amend the page layout
  • Be able to insert calculations into a report and change the presentation of information
  • Know how to improve presentation by adding sub-totals and grand totals
  • Understand how to add filters to a report to select specific information
  • Be able to split debits and credits and produce meaningful transaction totals
  • Be familiar with selection filters, advanced filters and advanced criteria
  • Know how to create overdue account letters and sales promotions using specific criteria and expressions
  • Know how to amend an existing invoice, letter or order layout