Statutory Auditor's Reports

Statutory auditor's reports and reports on abridged financial statements


Technical Release TR 03/2015 ‘Companies Act 2014 Implications for statutory auditor’s reports on statutory financial statements’ provides commentary on the following:

  • the requirement on a statutory auditor to make a report to the members of a company on all statutory financial statements laid before the members during the statutory auditor’s  tenure in office in accordance with section 391:

  • the form of the statutory auditor’s report as set out in section 336, including the opinions required and the consequences of a modified opinion;

  • reporting on abridged financial statements section 356 and summary financial statements section 1119.


Example reports

Statutory auditor's reports on entity and group financial statements

Section 2 of Technical Release 03/2015 ‘Companies Act 2014 Implications for auditors’ reports on statutory financial statements’ considers the requirements in more detail and appendix 1 of this technical release contains illustrative examples of statutory auditor's reports on entity and group financial statements.  You can download the illustrative audit reports here 

Special auditor's report on abridged financial statements

Section 3 of Technical Release 03/2015 considers the requirements with regard to reporting on abridged financial statements.  A single special report is required to accompany the abridged financial statements of small and medium companies annexed to the annual return under section 356.  You can download an example of this report here



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