Admissions to associate membership

On admission to associate membership, you join an elite network of  professionals, many operating at the highest levels of Irish business. As an Associate Chartered Accountant, you hold Ireland’s premium accountancy qualification with all the opportunities for advancement, earning potential and sector mobility that it confers. If you want to travel, you will be supported internationally by our network of reciprocal agreements with other Chartered bodies.

Associate membership, as distinct from someone who has just passed their examinations, is crucially important to your future employer. In reality, employers regularly contact the Institute to confirm that a candidate for interview is a full associate member in good standing, so it is important to ensure your professional status is accurate.

Autumn admissions ceremony

The 2017 autumn admission ceremonies will take place in Dublin 12 October |Belfast 19 October. Our Conferring ceremonies mark a significant milestone in your career and allow you to celebrate your achievement with family, colleagues and classmates.

How do I apply for membership?

  1. Login to "My Account"
  2. Select "admission to membership" from available menu
  3. Complete your application form, select admission to membership pdf to view and print off your CA Diary record
  4. Select "submit application" and print off the form
  5. Select "pay" to make payment with credit/debit card
  6. Post in your printed hard copy application and CA Diary record (signed off by your training partner) to:

Rose Cotter
Admissions to membership
Chartered Accountants House
Chartered Accountants Ireland
47/49 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

The next closing date for receipt of applications to our office is 29th September. 

Membership certificates: lost, stolen or damaged

Members can also apply for a duplicate certificates of membership.

NOTE: Please note that inclusion of your membership number will make it easier to process your request.

Admissions FAQs

If you have any queries regarding your application, please refer to the Admissions FAQs.

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