Abatement of annual subscriptions 2020

You may be entitled to a reduced annual subscription if you are on a reduced salary due to part-time working, maternity leave etc., or are unremunerated due to redundancy, illness or minding children or other family members.

Other categories where abatement may apply include voluntary work and being in full time education.

Criteria for reduced subscriptions

Reduced rates are based on income and members must state the reason for the reduction in income. “Income” means all income of the applicant, whether earned or unearned, from all sources.  If a member’s income exceeds €40,000/£27,400 he/she will not be eligible for a reduction.

In general, applications should be supported by documentary evidence. Suggested evidence is:

  • Letter from organisation (GOAL, CONCERN etc.) for voluntary overseas work
  • Letter from university/college confirming that you are registered as a full-time student
  • Letter from Department of Social Welfare confirming unemployment
  • Letter from company confirming level of income
  • Confirmations of career break reason e.g. minding children or other dependent

Please note: your subscription reduction cannot be approved without the relevant supporting documentation.

To be eligible for a reduction in the annual subscription, a member must pay their own subscription fee and not be reimbursed by their company/firm, and make a declaration to this effect.

Applications must be received by 31 March in the year which the subscription applies and no application will be considered in respect of previous years.

Please contact our Registry & Subscriptions Department at abatements@charteredaccountants.ie if you wish to apply for an abatement of annual subscription. Please supply your membership number when emailing the team because it will help us process the request.

The deadline for completed applications is 31 March 2020.

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