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How does the Institute serve each segment of its membership?

In Practice

  • Large practice: Our firms are the largest employers and further educators of graduates in Ireland. Significant changes are taking place in the education programme to embrace the digital opportunities and maintain the quality of the profession.
  • Small practice: Small to medium firms are at the heart of the Institute, we offer a range of practice support services including advice, toolkits, news updates, specialist education and training, practice networks and access to our knowledge centre containing all the technical information that you need.

In Business

  • The Institute has significantly increased its voice in the business community on tax, Brexit, pensions, ethics and governance. New areas of thought leadership for business will include digital transformation and sustainability. Our CPD training programme will be augmented to accommodate the needs of members in business and our publishing has a strong focus on business leadership.

Public Sector/Charity and Not for Profit

  • Our members in Public Sector are responsible for developing and managing the programmes that directly impact citizens of the island  from bridge building to protecting those most vulnerable in society. Over 16% of the membership on Island are involved in Public Sector and Charity NFP. We have developed a new FAE Elective for Public Sector students as well as increased our CPD and offering for Public Sector in the Republic and Northern Ireland.


  • Over 4,500 of members are outside the island of Ireland. We are strengthening our global voice, presence and networks aided by technology, member insights and our diaspora network. Chartered Accountants Worldwide offers members the benefits of being part of a global chartered community of 1.8m members and students. We are enhancing our overseas member value proposition to include increased digital learning and local networking access opportunities. We continue to develop reciprocal agreements in key territories making your qualification highly portable.

Young members

  • 63% of our membership are aged under 45 and 34% are under 36 years of age, we have active Young Professionals

Promoting the profession

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CA Support

CA Support with you always

CA Support offers emotional & practical assistance to students and members because life can throw us all kinds of challenges. Family crisis, bereavement, redundancy, depression or illness can happen to any of us when we least expect it and we are here to help. In collaboration with the education team we have created a series of videos that offer tips on exams and resilience which we hope you will find useful.

Help us so we can help them.

How CA Support can help you

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