Member services A-Z

Below is a list of services that are on offer for members of the Institute.
Services Links
Accountancy Ireland (bi-monthly journal free for members)
Chartered Accountants SUPPORT (previously Benevolent)
Business Sentiment Survey Link to surveys
Brand enhancing activities N/A
CARB (compliants support)
CARE (Chartered Accountants Responsible Ethics)
Career mentoring programme
Careers advisory
Professional Development (post ACA qualifications)
News for Chartered Accountants
District Societies
CPD Online Courses
In-House Training (bespoke training)
Member Benefit (offers & discounts for members)
Personal Affairs Checklist
Practice Matters
Professional Accountants in Europe (network)
Practice Consulting's Free Enquiry Service
Practice Consulting's Compliance Services
Practice Networks
Publishing - Ireland's leading business publisher (books, journals and electronic products) N/A
Representing members' interests with Government and its agenda
Special Interest Groups
Technical Enquiry Service
Young Professionals programme

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If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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