Top Tips when Starting Your Own Accounting Practice

Nov 27, 2015

Writing in Accountancy Ireland’s special Practice Management edition of Accountancy Ireland which is exclusively available to Accountancy Ireland App users, Feargal McCormack, the managing partner of one of Northern Ireland’s most successful accounting firms, offered the following tips for anyone considering starting their own practice:

  • Be yourself, dare to be different;
  • Have a strong work ethic and desire;
  • Focus on positive thinking, have the courage to tell your colleagues to disengage from negativity;
  • Leave your ego behind you;
  • Build a good team around you, focus on creating a culture of shared responsibility and encourage your team to be champions of evolutionary change;
  • Don’t confuse high IQ with good interpersonal skills: emotional intelligence is important;
  • Know your subject -- practice enhances performance;
  • Learn to delegate -- if you cannot delegate, you are a nuisance;
  • Search for opportunities, and when given an opportunity, don’t mess it up;
  • Support your team colleagues, inside and outside of work, and they will give you super commitment; and
  • Promote corporate social responsibility.

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